With its tailor made machines, standard or customized, E-TEX works for the success of its customers thanks to its technical team creativity keepig always at your service.

Main markets:

Technical yarns
  • Carbon yarn and tape 
  • Composite fiber 
  • Steel yarn, glass yarn 
  • Hybrid
Textile yarns
  • Synthetic yarn 
  • Silk 
  • Luxurious yarn 
Technical yarn portfolio
  1. Single twist: carbon yarn application, monofilament PVC, verranne… 
  2. Two for one twisting, assembling & on line reversed two for one twisting : pneumatical reinforcement, belt reinforcement, sewing thread, nets 
  3. Draw roll, winding: advanced composite fibers 
  4. Technical covering: reinforcement, protection (AR, glass, steel, hybrid construction…) 

Textile yarns portfolio
  1. Assembling and ring twisting 
  2. Twisting and 2 - 3 ply cabling 
  3. Direct cabling 
  4. Two for one twisting and ring twisting 
  5. Combined two for one twisting and heating 
  6. Two for one twisting and assembling 
  7. Winding 
  8. Single covering 
  9. Double covering 
  10. Air covering 
  11. Re-winding 
  12. Two for one twisting